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Doing business since school days.
Master of Sport in ballroom dancing.

Auto enthusiast and founder of ExpertAuto auto repair shop
Since 2016, I have been advising businesses on the adoption of IT technologies and modern marketing tools to increase companies' revenue.

Founder of Visione Interna - Digital agency
Founder of Visione Interna - Digital agency .

I have been living, studying and working for 16 years in Italy.
Since 2016, I have been involved in marketing, attracting clients for big and small businesses in more than 30 industries.

All this time, I've been working with the real estate market and developers.
You'll find more information about me on my personal blog
#Onewayticket .

We create a stream of new customers

Visione Interna Office professionals
Customers on recommendation
23 000+
Generated applications for our customers
in 2019
$5 700000
Revenue generated for our customers in 2018

We specialize in formulating and providing comprehensive real estate solutions that attract clients online

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Facebook and Instagram ad targeting creates demand for your real estate
Contextual & media advertising on Google, YouTube and partner websites makes it possible to find your property on the Internet
Facebook ads
Google ads
Landings and corporate websites that increase advertising results
CRM Systems
Integration of CRM-systems and business analytics to improve sales department efficiency

How We Do It

Increase the number of new customer requests to your company and optimize the cost of attracting new clients by using the following tools :

New Application
2407 client's
Тhe call has been made
2201 client's
324 лидов
Meeting held
290 client's
Аppartments reserved
69 client's
The contract is signed
48 client's
2 407 * 2% * $ 30 000 = $ 1 440 000
48 sales for $1.44 million and that's just through Facebook. What happens when you start using 2, 3, 5 advertising tools?
Suppose you own a small development and construction company. You are building one residential complex. In 3 months, we have received 2,407 potential customers through a landing page and Facebook ads. Your sales department has processed all the applications and by 2% of the requests were purchased apartments. Average cost of one apartment is $ 30 000.

Why do people choose us?

We have attracted clients for 33 different business areas in 20 countries in 5 languages

Sale of the residential and commercial property, rent of the residential property, rent of commercial premises, repair of premises, designs of interiors, house making, furniture manufacturing, smart home installation services, kindergartens, fitness clubs, ballroom dance studios, beauty salons, organisation of events, weddings, conferences, workshops, training courses, online courses, financial services, food delivery, work placements abroad, bus manufacture, yachts and cars sale, car service, bitumen production, hand-made, IT services, sale of goods, legal services, pitch rental
USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Russia, Ukrine, Poland, Cech Republic, Austria, Italy, France, Hong Kong, Portugal, Hungary, Slovakia, Moldova, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Lituania
for results

We are looking for long-lasting cooperation with our customers. In order to make it possible, we reach our goals (number and cost of applications, sales volume, cost of attracted client, etc.).

Advertising for business should be profitable, giving the desired increase in requests from potential customers to the sales department, which will be able to fulfill the sales plan and generate a cash flow.
We clearly understand that only through the achievement of our business goals our cooperation will be appropriate and useful.


Communication is our first priority. Our clients communicate directly with experts who work on advertising campaigns, it gives the maximum flexibility for editing and changes.

We don't disappear, we' re in touch every day, we answer all messages and calls quickly.

If there is an unexpected problem with our services, you will never be alone, and if it is an urgent question, we are ready to help you even at the weekend.
Honesty above all
We don't have any traps and pitfalls.
While consulting and working, we say everything as it is, we are guided by statistics and do not promise mountains and marvels.
We will not accept your project as a mercenary opportunity if during the consultation, we realize that we will not improve your results significantly.

If you ask us for a service that is not relevant at the moment, we will reject the project and recommend the actual one, even if our experts do not provide it.

Our team
Getting Advice
Advice on how to get a constant flow of clients from the Internet, as well as ask any questions you want
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We share our experience

We tell you about marketing, sales and IT solutions for the real estate market

Assist real estate market leaders in their development and teach those who want to become them worldwide. For comfortable housing accessible to all, technology-oriented and eco-friendly.

We promote digital marketing in our country through mass events

Top digital marketing events in Ukraine. The hall brings together 1000 guests and leading Ukrainian experts in the digital industry, who earn millions of dollars for their clients. These experts know how to attract potential buyers from social networks and develop large corporate and personal brands.

Organizing and holding conferences

Launching startups

We develop the portal "Vdoma" for search and purchase of apartments in new buildings

Our contacts

+380 6336 97 331
You can call or text via WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber, anywhere in the world, for free
Office address
Pulyuya street, 40/10, Lviv, Ukraine
We are located in Lviv, the center of Europe and the Ukrainian capital of IT sphere.

Our clients are mainly from blue-coloured countries.

We work from Monday to Friday Opening hours 9:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. (Kyiv time +2 GMT)

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